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The podcast is currently on an extended hiatus – likely never to return – but you can listen to the amazing women I interviewed on your podcast player of choice:

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Ep 15: Check In With Previous Guests

Ep 14: Kat Yalung ◆ Director, Bixel Exchange Startup LAunch Program

Ep 13: Kim Vu ◆ Executive Chef & Owner, Vucacious Catering

Ep 12: Linette Coste ◆ Head of Events and Partnerships, Cross Campus

Ep 11: Kelly Shapiro ◆ Attorney & Advisor, The Law Offices of Kelly D. Shapiro

Ep 10: Karuna Patel ◆ Integrative Physical Therapist, Turtle Rabbit Physical Therapy

Ep 9: Recap of Favorite Moments from 2017

Ep 8: Heidy Vaquerano ◆ Entertainment Attorney | Managing Director, Girls in Tech LA

Ep 7: Dr. DeAnne Davis Brooks ◆ Associate Professor, Salem College

Ep 6: Jess Puccinelli ◆ Owner, Haute Hope

Ep 5: Carla Holden ◆ Founder, Her Business Boutique

Ep 4: Sowmya Murthy ◆ Chief Marketing Officer, Seven Lake Technologies

Ep 3: Allison Carpio ◆ Freelance Sales Copywriter

Ep 2: Amanda Guzmán ◆ Head of Operations, Sheryl Sandberg & Dave Goldberg Family Foundation

Ep 1: Miki Reynolds ◆ Executive Director, Grid110

Ep 0: Welcome Message from Yolanda Enoch