Ep 10: Karuna Patel ◆ Integrative Physical Therapist, Turtle Rabbit Physical Therapy

Karuna Patel is an Integrative Physical Therapist in practice at Turtle Rabbit Physical Therapy. Karuna knew she wanted to be a physical therapist in high school and she was very intentional in how she got there.

In this episode, we discuss…

  • How a skateboarder helped changed her perspective about moving from Texas to California as a teenager.
  • Why she's a fan of “career path shopping”…and what that is.
  • How her non-profit and consulting work prepared her to open her own physical therapy practice.
  • How to incorporate love into your business.

Find Karuna online

WebsiteFacebook ◆ karuna@turtlerabbitsf.com

Career advice to her younger self

Be yourself. Because what you are is enough.

If Karuna was a song, she would be…

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