Ep 13: Kim Vu ◆ Executive Chef & Owner, Vucacious Catering

Kim Vu is the Executive Chef and Owner of Vucacious Catering. Thanks to Franke Santos for introducing us years ago!

In this episode, we discuss…

  • The incredible story of how her parents and siblings were separated in Vietnam (during the Vietnam War) and how they were reunited in the United States. #wow
  • Why she feels more Vietnamese than American, and how that affects how she approaches work.
  • How you can apply the Scientific Method to anything.



Listen to an update of Kim's story here.

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Career advice to her younger self


Kim's career advice to her younger self: Stand up for yourself. If not for my own benefit but for the women who come after me.

Mentioned in the Episode

Music Credit: Lipp Gloss by Podington Bear

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