Ep 3: Allison Carpio ◆ Freelance Sales Copywriter

Allison Carpio is a Sales Copywriter for health e-commerce entrepreneurs. Allison has designed her life in a way that she's able to travel internationally quite frequently (Spain, Peru, Columbia, and Argentina in the past year) and stay for extended periods of times in the cities she travels to.

In this episode, we discuss…

  • Her process for writing and producing high-quality work.
  • Her hack for learning how to develop empathy when she’s writing marketing materials.
  • How she used two volunteer roles/projects to transition into a new industry.
  • How she prepares a plan when she’s interviewing with companies (the research and presentation of a plan).

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The Path: How Allison Did It

With the decisions a lot of actions come with that. ~Allison Carpio

Her skillz

As Allison’s career progressed, the skills she developed to be successful in those roles – outside of writing persuasive copy – include: Google and LinkedIn adwords ◆ prioritization ◆ networking ◆ building relationships.

Career advice to her younger self

Your college education does not matter. Start as early as you possibly can and invest in yourself. It's not too late where you are right now (or too early either). Always focus on your personal growth no matter what the rules are out there and no matter what some people are telling you.  Make sure you choose yourself and focus on your best self.

My Thoughts After the Conversation

More, please

More people are opting for freelancing/consulting work and, since Allison has a copywriting business, I wish I would have asked her how she determines her rates. And if the rate has increased over time and any of the psychology behind how she charges her clients.

What I learned

I, like Allison, have found volunteering at events to be a great way to network and connect with others. Allison did volunteer work for Code for Sacramento and clean.ME. She used that experience and the testimonials to get a job at a higher level than she thought she was qualified for at the time. Allison advice, if you chose to volunteer, is to make sure you get something out of it. In her case, she got a fantastic testimonial from clean.ME but she also thinks she should have charge a reduced rate for her services.

Up-level your game

Allison has figured out what works for her in order to produce great copy for her clients. The books Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott and On Writing by Stephen King are excellent resources, if writing is a flatside you would like to nurture. Links to both books are listed in the Mentioned in this Episode section.

If Allison was a song, she would be…

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