Suggest a Guest for How She Did It

Is there a woman of color whose career you're fascinated with and want to know how she did it? Suggest her as a guest. We're looking for a variety of industries and roles represented on the podcast, in particular we're looking for women who are:

  • Network TV, Cable, and Film Executives
  • Editors and Editors-in-Chief (print/digital magazines, websites, newspapers)
  • Show Hosts & Reporters (news anchors, sports commentators, play-by-play announcers)
  • Producers (News, Television, Podcast, etc.)
  • Authors of published books
  • Writers (columnists, journalists, sports)
  • Fact Checkers & Researchers
  • Visual Strategists (take data and presents it in visually-appealing ways)
  • Curators and Archivists (subscription box/single box services, museums, libraries, etc.)
  • Dancers, Musicians, Composers, Singers
  • Creative Directors
  • Executive Chefs
  • Mixologists
  • Event Planners (Corporate, Luxury, Wedding)
  • Photographers
  • Videographers
  • Illustrators, Cartoonists, Animators, Painters, Designers
  • Makeup Artists
  • Fashion Stylists
    Hair Stylists (especially if they have product lines)
  • Women in Venture Capital (Venture Partners, Managing Partners & Directors)
  • Educators (Professors) and Administrators (Principles, Deans, Presidents)
  • Financial Coaches
  • Digital Nomads
    Franchise Owners (car dealerships, restaurants, etc.)
  • Business Owners and Entrepreneurs
  • Civil Servants (elected officials, public defenders, social justice warriors, community organizers, firewomen, judges)
  • doing really cool and interesting things in the world (not previously mentioned).

If this is you – yes, you! – or someone you know, nominate her using the form below.

We want to interview women who have at least 1-2 years experience in their current role/current company. This means if your suggestion has started a new role – especially if it involves a career change – she is likely not a fit for the podcast. We are looking for stories and lessons learned, and those take on-the-job experience.

Thanks for contributing!


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