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How to Rate “How She Did It” on iTunes

One of the best ways for more people to learn about How She Did It – outside of you telling others about it – is for it to be featured on iTunes in one or all three of these podcast categories: (1) New & Noteworthy; (2) top episodes in our category (we're in the Business category); or (3) Top Episodes:

Compare the first page of Google Search results with the homepage of iTunes. When you do a search Google, do you look at the results past the first 1-2 pages? Me either.

Subscribing, rating, and listening to How She Did It episodes increases the likelihood it will be included in one of these lists.

So I would really appreciate it if you would rate How She Did It in iTunes. Step-by-step instructions are below. If you use another podcast platform to listen to podcasts, you can rate it there too.