Frequently Asked Questions | FAQs for Potential Guests of the Podcast

Tell me more about the podcast?

I listen to a lot of podcasts and, unless the show was created by a woman of color or a person(s) from another under-represented group, we are rarely featured. Or, if we are, it’s about our experience being a woman in our field and not about our craft/expertise. Or she is [directly/indirectly} expected to speak on behalf of all women, not just her unique path. I’m so over it.

I want to show there's more than one way to any career and, after listening to your interview, others will feel excited and start taking ownership over their careers.

I’ve interviewed some fascinating women on the podcast. There’s Kat Yalung (Filipino-American) who spent several years in the Peace Corps in Nicaragua but now works for a startup accelerator. There’s also Jess Puccinelli (Black) who worked in Marketing, then started a socially-conscious gifting box company that she shut down in 2018 after a few years of operation.

You can listen to a 3-minute trailer about the podcast and listen to past episodes here. You can also read an article I wrote about starting the podcast here (Medium says it’s a 4-minute read).

I get inspiration by seeing ambitious, brilliant women who are representing their fields/industries, and this is my way to share their stories.

How Will The Interview Be Recorded: The Technical Details

If you're based in Los Angeles…

I can come to you (home, office, etc.) and do the interview in person.

If you're not based in Los Angeles or prefer to do a remote interview…

We’ll use Zencastr to facilitate and record the conversation. I’ll provide a link that will take you to an online recording studio (here's what the studio looks like). You’ll need:

  • a desktop computer or laptop with Chrome or Firefox installed (sorry, no tablets or smartphones);
  • a microphone (your computer’s built-in mic works); and
  • a quiet place to record plus headphones to help block out background noise.