Suggest a Guest for How She Did It

Is there a woman of color whose career you're fascinated with and want to know how she did it? Suggest her as a guest, we're always looking for interesting women to interview.

Criteria. We're looking for a variety of industries and roles represented on the podcast, especially women who are:

  • strategic leaders within their organization (i.e., job titles that include Chief, VP, Head, Director, etc.).
  • creative artists in front of and behind the camera (e.g., actors, musicians, singers, dancers, painters, designers, animators, illustrators, writers, producers, directors, etc.).
  • 6-figure+ business owners and entrepreneurs.
  • civil servants (elected officials, community organizers, firewomen, judges, military personnel, etc.);
  • doing really cool and interesting things in the world.

If this sounds like you (yes, you!) or someone you know, nominate her using the form below.

We want to interview women who have at least 2-3 years experience in their current role/current company. This means if your suggestion has started a new role – especially if it involves a career change – she is likely not a fit for the podcast. We are looking for stories and lessons learned, and those take on-the-job experience.

Thanks for contributing!


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